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Admission is open to prospective students (17 years or older) with a high school diploma or General Education Development certification (GED).  Profile is approved for VA education benefits and other financial assistance.


1. Schedule an appointment by writing or telephoning the Admissions Office at (404-559-0704) to request an interview and facility tour.


2. Complete an application for admission.  The application may be hand delivered or mailed to the main campus:

Profile Institute of Barber-Styling

C/o Admissions Office

122 Cleveland Avenue, SE

Atlanta, Georgia 30315

3. Applicant can receive other material facts affecting his/her decision to enroll at

PROFILE LOGO white letter.png


Tuition & Fees


All applicants are provided the institution's catalog.  The institution will send the applicant written notification indicating acceptance or non-acceptance within seven (7) business days following interviews with institution officials.

Class Start Dates:  Starting dates vary.  Profile Institute of Barber-Styling starts classes on Tuesday of every other month.  This information is available by contacting the Admissions Office.

Prior to starting class, enrollees must meet the applicable program requirements, and provide the following:

1. High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED), or Official transcript of any college or technical courses completed

2. Proof of Age (Birth Certificate, Driver's License, or official State ID)

3. Proof of Citizenship or immigration status (Social Security Card, I-94, Green card, etc.)

4. If applicable, DD-214 (Veterans)

5. Current Barber-Styling License (Instructor Program only)

6. Transcript from Barber School (Instructor Program and Transfer Students only)

7. Application Fee $100.00


Students are allowed to re-enter the program.  All re-enrolling students will be provided with the Institution's most recent Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (here after referred to as SAP) and will be evaluated by the Institution's Director for placement in the curriculum and kit needs (re-enrolling students may be required to purchase the current institution kit). Students applying for re-entry or transfer-in from other schools may be required, as a condition of enrollment, to bring delinquent (prior) student loans to a current status.

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